Urban Design Masterplanning + Competitions 

Meditation Centre Feasibility Study, ACT, 2019 (note: MDa projects listed, UNO)
Australian National University (ANU) College of Business and Economics (CBE) Feasibility, ACT, 2019

Missing Middle Housing Competition, Minister’s Special Mention, NSW, 2017

University of Canberra (UC) ESTEM and IAE Masterplan, ACT, 2016
ANU University House and Graduate House Heritage Masterplan, ACT, 2016 
ANU CBE, Space Utilisation ‘Block and Stack’ Study across 5 Buildings, ACT, 2016
UC Refectory Upgrade Feasibility, ACT, 2016
Bowen Park Pavilion Feasibility Masterplan, ACT, 2015
UC College, ‘Block and Stack’, Feasibility Masterplan, ACT, 2015

NEAT Housing Competition First Prize, ACT, 2014

Downtown Q. Queanbeyan Ideas Competition, Equal Third Place, NSW, 2014
The Cotter Hub Feasibility Masterplan, 2014
ANU CBE c-o-n-n-e-c-t Feasibility Study, Hanna Neumann, ACT, 2014
ANU Gateway Building Feasibility Masterplan for CBE, ACT, 2014
ANU CRIO Feasibility Study, ACT, 2013

ANU Student Services ‘Block and Stack’ Feasibility Study across Campus, ACT, 2013
ANU College of Asia Pacific, Coombs, Feasibility Study and Masterplan, ACT, 2013

ANU Sport Feasibility Masterplan across Campus, ACT, 2013
ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA), Precision Engineering Feasibility ACT, 2013

Molonglo Demonstration Precinct Select Competition, Equal First Place, ACT, 2012
ANU RSAA, Space Utilisation ‘Block and Stack’ Study across MT Stromlo Campus, ACT, 2012
Civic Revitalisation Brief for ACT Government Architect, ACT, 2012
Coombs and Wright Demonstration Village Masterplan, ACT, 2011
Amaroo Group Centre Masterplanning, ACT, Tait Waddington and MDa, 2010
ANU Stromlo Directors Residence Restoration Study, ACT, GHD Principal Architect, 2010
ANU Reynolds Telescope Restoration Feasibility Study, ACT, GHD Principal, 2009
City West Site Masterplan for John Holland, ACT, GHD Principal Design Lead, 2009
AFP Majura Masterplan, ACT, DJAS Principal Design Lead, 2007 
York Park Office Masterplan, ACT, DJAS Associate Design Lead, 2005
ANU School of Art Masterplan, ACT, DJAS Associate Design Lead, 2003
Adelaide Central Mission Masterplan, SA, WBA Associate Team Member, 2002 
Scotch College Junior School Masterplan, SA, WBA Associate Design Lead, 2001 
Mercedes College Masterplan, SA, WBA Team Member, 2000 
Collocated Colleges Masterplan, ACT, DJAS Project/Design Architect, 1999
ANU Canberra School of Art Heritage Study, Acton, ACT, DJAS Project Architect, 1999
Rundle Street Masterplanning, SA, Tectvs Team Member, 1995